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Sacred Chocolate Articles, Interviews, Information and Media. With theobroma cacao, chocolate, there is fantastic hope for chocoholics everywhere! You can turn cravings for cooked, processed chocolate into super nutrition with raw chocolate (raw cacao beans, nibs, butter, powder and bars).
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Sacred Chocolate Media & Articles Entries

Sacred Planet Interviews Sacred Steve

Aimee Devlin of Sacred Planet, distributor of Sacred Chocolate in Australia interviews Sacred Steve on what makes Sacred Chocolate the highest quality chocolate in the world.

Happy Holidays from Steve Adler and David Wolfe

Happy Holidays from David Wolfe and Steve Adler of Sacred Chocolate

Sacred Chocolate on Fox News
Carol Alt and David Wolfe discuss Raw Chocolate and Cardiovascular Health on Fox News.
Parashakti Interviews Sacred Steve
Parashakti asks Sacred Steve about the inspiration behind Sacred Chocolate and how to bring forth one's dreams into reality!
Ronnie Landis Interviews Sacred Steve
In this unique and captivating interview, Sacred Steve talks about the origins of Sacred Chocolate, what is really behind Sacred Chocolate, and insights into the spiritual imperative facing humanity today.
The Love of Chocolate--Sacred Steve & Ronnie Landis
Sacred Steve, Founder of Sacred Chocolate, and Ronnie Landis, speaker and author, speak about the future of Raw Chocolate
Sacred Chocolate Voted Best Chocolatier in Marin by Bohemian Readers
Sacred Chocolate Voted Best Chocolatier in Marin by Bohemian Readers
Marin Magazine Features Sacred Chocolate
Marin Magazine Features Sacred Chocolate as a go to vendor for GREEN Halloween.
David Wolfe is interviewed by Eric Anzalone
David Wolfe talks about Raw Chocolate, his discovery, and Sacred Chocolate.
Sacred Chocolate is featured in CCOF Magazine
Sacred Chocolate is honored to be featured in CCOF Magazine!
David Wolfe Interview on Why Raw Chocolate is So Special
David Wolfe talks about how he discovered raw chocolate and what exactly is so amazing about it!
Sacred Steve Adler - Sacred Chocolate Talk Berkeley May 14 2012
Steve Adler gives a warm talk in Berkeley CA May 14 2012 about the spiritualizing effects of putting Love in Chocolate.
How Did Sacred Steve get into making Raw Chocolate?
Sacred Steve explains what inspired him to follow the raw chocolate path.
David Wolfe’s Sacred Mocha Coffee

Everybody is always begging me for my Sacred Mocha Coffee recipe!!!  I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but my friends love coffee, I developed this recipe for them and it knocks their socks off every time. 

The Sweet Smell of Chocolate: Sweat, Cabbage and Beef

The new discipline of "sensomics" is helping to find ways to make chocolate even tastier.

Sacred Chocolate in Delicious Living Magazine
Sacred Chocolate in Delicious Living Magazine
Chocolate advocate and raw-food enthusiast Bernando LaPallo turns 110 years old. He is a Leo!
Chocolate advocate and raw-food enthusiast Bernando LaPallo turns 110 years old. He is a Leo!
Theobroma Cacao Named "Reforestation Species"
"National Greening Program, has now classified coffee and cacao as "reforestation species" in its efforts to plant 1.5 billion trees in some 1.5 million hectares by 2016"
Ingredient Glossary
Ingredient Glossary
Raw Chocolate & Truffles by Sacred Chocolate | Sacred Foods
Extremely rich in naturally occurring nutrients, all chocolate starts out as raw cacao “beans” or nuts, which grow on a tropical tree, Theobroma Cacao. Similar to fine wine, premium beans grown and harvested under optimal conditions express terroir, the foundation of flavor. Commercial processing of beans, which includes roasting, compromises the rich array of flavors naturally found in raw cacao which resulted from its unique terroir, as well as the amazing nutritional aspects of the raw bean. Therefore, at Sacred Chocolate we use a unique, time honored tradition of slowly stone grinding beans at low temperatures in order to deliver the finest tasting, and most nutrient rich chocolate.