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Sacred Chocolate
...is clearly the best chocolate bar ever.
Take one bite and you will know that Sacred Chocolate has cracked the cacao code!
-- David Wolfe, author of Naked Chocolate.

Recent Entries
David Wolfe interviews Daniel Bissonnette, a 9-year-old, vegan, activist

Daniel Bissonnette, a very articulate 9 year old, who wants to follow David Wolfe's foot steps, wishes to demystify junk food forever for everyone; as they identify the biggest threat to kids: miseducation, and the prevalence of junk food, especially the GMOs! Daniel is known for his inspirational speech on GMO's at March Against Monsanto in Vancouver, 2014. Daniel and his younger brother, grew up in a vegan family, eating organic, whole-food, and plant-based diet. His parents have been attending David Wolfe's health events, since he was 6 months old. David says he is a much better public speaker than he is, and invites Daniel to learn to garden on his organic farm in NoniLand, sharing his love for cacao beans, and the true benefits of the real chocolate! Beware Moms: you won't consider buying another 'junk food chocolate' bar, ever again. Daniel represents the next generation of leaders: his dream is to become a public speaker, change the world, and make everything GMO-free and Organic. This is the next generation, this is the future!

Sacred Planet Interviews Sacred Steve

Aimee Devlin of Sacred Planet, distributor of Sacred Chocolate in Australia interviews Sacred Steve on what makes Sacred Chocolate the highest quality chocolate in the world.

Happy Holidays from Steve Adler and David Wolfe

Happy Holidays from David Wolfe and Steve Adler of Sacred Chocolate

The Medicinal Mushrooms of Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate Heart Bar

Why Choose Immuno Mushroom Now?

Sacred Chocolate on Fox News
Carol Alt and David Wolfe discuss Raw Chocolate and Cardiovascular Health on Fox News.