Sacred Chocolate goes DEEP GREEN

Sacred Chocolate, LLC is officially signed up for the 100% renewable energy program called DEEP GREEN available throughMarin Clean Energy DEEP GREEN 100% Renewable Energy

Now, every Sacred Chocolate bar is produced using 100% renewable energy. Although, this program is more expensive than conventionally produced energy, Sacred Chocolate, LLC believes in investing in the environment and the future of life on Earth. It is just another way in which we can give back and say THANK YOU for supporting Sacred Chocolate!

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Posted: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 04:26:00 PM
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Synopsis: Sacred Chocolate is now manufactured using 100% renewable energy.

Comments on Sacred Chocolate goes DEEP GREEN

dermot p Saturday, May 9, 2015 12:25:36 PM
I would like to know if you have an agent for sacred chocolate in the Britain or Ireland. I live in Ireland I would be interested in knowing how it travels. Dermot Kinahan

Kristy Tuesday, March 12, 2013 11:34:53 AM
That's great news, what is that renewable energy?
Grace Benacia Sunday, September 23, 2012 10:29:42 AM
I am thrilled to learn that something that I grew up on from birth is so important to the body. I grew up in Trinidad W.I. on a 32 acre farm where I helped my parents pick, break and take the beans out of the pods in order to sweat the beans in a big shed,sprinkle them with water and dance on them and then dry them for the mill. My mom would put the beans in a mortar and pounded them with a pestle and then made into balls which were later grated and made into a chocolate drink. It was the best drink we had for breakfast or dinner. I still drink. it up to now as I get the natural cocoa balls from Grenada or Trinidad whenever I go on vacation or someone brings it to me. I live in Florida and I have tried planting the beans in pots here, but it did not grow very big. I would try it again whenever I get some beans as I would love to have my own tree. I live in Central Florida so it gets a bit colder up here so it is hard to grow coconuts and avocados here as they die in the winter.

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